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Ear Wax Microsuction - Safe, Quick, and Comfortable Ear Cleaning £75.

At Hypatia Clinic, we understand the importance of clear hearing and ear health. This is why we are proud to offer ear wax microsuction, delivered by one of our highly trained Audiologists. In the U.K. microsuction is not regulated and can be delivered by people not used to working with the ear. Micro-suction delivered by someone trained in ear anatomy such as an Audiologist is one of the safest and most effective methods to remove excess ear wax.

What is Ear Wax Microsuction?

Ear wax microsuction is a procedure performed by qualified audiologists to gently remove ear wax using a microscope and a medical suction device. Unlike traditional ear wax removal methods, micro-suction does not require the use of water. It is a dry procedure, which decreases the risk of infection and is suitable for patients with certain medical conditions, such as a perforated eardrum.

Why Choose Microsuction?

  • Precision: With the aid of a high-powered microscope, our audiologists can see the ear canal in detail, ensuring that the wax is removed safely and effectively.

  • Comfort: Microsuction is typically pain-free and does not require the use of ear drops before the procedure.

  • Efficiency: The procedure usually takes just a few minutes per ear.

  • Safety: It is the preferred method for those with ear conditions, including previous surgeries, tube implants, or those who cannot tolerate water in their ears.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

  1. Consultation: Our audiologist will discuss any issues you're experiencing and examine your ears to confirm that microsuction is appropriate for you. This is done with a Video Otoscope so you can also see the condition of your ear.

  2. The Procedure: You will be comfortably seated and asked to remain still while the audiologist uses the microscope to guide the suction tool gently. You may hear some noise from the suction, which is normal. 

  3. Aftercare Advice: After the wax is removed, our audiologist will show you the results with our Video Otoscope and provide advice on how to maintain your ear health and prevent excessive wax buildup in the future.

  4. If, for any reason, your ears are already clear when you attend, we will perform a hearing screen and tympanometry to ensure there are no other reasons why your ears may be feeling blocked. 

Is Ear Wax Microsuction Right for You?

This procedure is highly effective for most individuals, including those who:

  • Use hearing aids.

  • Have a history of ear wax buildup or blocked ears.

  • Are prone to ear infections.

  • Cannot have their ears cleaned using traditional methods.

What if I attend and do not have wax in my ears? 

If you attend and the Audiologist finds you do not have wax in your ears, you will receive a consultation that includes Video Otoscopy, a Hearing Screen, and Tympanometry, which looks for changes in your middle ear that can give you a blocked sensation or feeling of pressure within your ears. Depending on the outcome of the consultation, you will then receive aftercare advice.  

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