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Virtual Reality Goggles

Our Rehabilitation Packages include:

  • Traditional Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • Repositioning Maneuvers for BPPV 

  • Visual Vertigo Therapy 

  • Motion Sickness Therapy

  • Optokinetic Training

  • Music Therapy

  • Virtual Reality Therapy  

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Patient-Focused Individual Plans Available 

Hypatia Specialist Clinics provide the high-quality, personalized care you deserve. With our experienced team, innovative equipment and diagnostic pathways tailored to your symptoms/history, you can rest assured that your health is in the best of hands. We have experience and have worked with patients with:

  • BPPV 

  • Vestibulopathy 

  • Menieres Disease 

  • Vestibular Neuritus

  • Otolith Dysfunction

  • Vestibular Migraine

  • Labrynthitus

  • SCCD

  • PPPD

  • Neurovestibular Conditions


  • Visual Vertigo

  • Cervicogenic Dizziness

  • Peadiatric Dizziness 

  • Mal de Debarquement Syndrome

  • Concussion

  • Head Injury 

We also work as part of a Multi-disciplinary Team and can build a Rehabilitation package to io include. 

  • Neuro physiotherapy


  • Neurology

  • Occupational Therapy 

  • ENT 

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