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Why choose us? 

1. We have the latest assessment and rehabilitation equipment and stay current with the latest evidence-based practice. 

2. Our clinicians, Prof Soumit Dasgupta and Mrs Amy Lennox-Bowley, are world-renowned key opinion leaders who are regularly invited speakers and guests at International conferences. We also support equipment manufacturers in their clinical trials.

3. Our BPPV 1st time treatment success rate is 80% - the typical average is 65%.

4. We have built rehabilitation programmes that may be delivered online.

5. We are trusted to supervise other clinics. Currently, we have 11 NHS and private clinics across the U.K. and Ireland, which we mentor and support in their vestibular programmes. 

6. We have links with experts in other fields, allowing us to provide a multi-disciplinary team approach.

7. We are published - our latest paper, 'Modernising Vestibular Assessment', was recently published in the Journal of Otolaryngology. You can see a full list of our publications here

7. Average 5* Reviews on Doctify 

Which Appointment should I book? 

If you have a referral often this will clarify which type of appointment you require, whether that be a type of assessment or rehabilitation. However many of our patients come to us lost after being to a number of other professionals. Dizziness and Balance can be caused by several different conditions and link into multiple body systems. Our assessments focus on looking at the vestibular system in the inner ear, as well as the brainstem and cerebellum. If you are self-referring, you may benefit from an initial consultation to rule out BPPV, the most common cause of dizziness; then, based on your symptoms, we can then signpost you to whether a Vestibular Assessment is appropriate. Otherwise, we aim to start rehabilitation or refer you to the correct person as soon as possible. 

Having trouble with Dizziness and Balance Issues? Hypatia Specialist Clinics is delighted to provide one of the U.Ks leading Neuro-Vestibular Laboratory in Rodney Street Liverpool. Led by world-renowned clinicians to help assess your dizziness and balance needs. With our experienced team, innovative equipment and diagnostic pathways tailored to your symptoms/history, you can rest assured that your health is in the best hands. We have experience and have worked with patients with:

  • BPPV 

  • Vestibulopathy 

  • Menieres Disease 

  • Vestibular Neuritus

  • Otolith Dysfunction

  • Vestibular Migraine

  • Labrynthitus

  • SCCD

  • PPPD

  • Neurovestibular Conditions


  • Visual Vertigo

  • Cervicogenic Dizziness

  • Peadiatric Dizziness 

  • Mal de Debarquement Syndrome

  • Concussion/mTBI

  • Head Injury 

VNG VEMP vHIT Caloric VOG Hints Protocol VOMs

"It takes on average 5 years and 4.5 specialists for a patient to get answers, let’s change that"

Amy Bowley - Founder Hypatia Specialist Clinics

Vestibular Laboratory Tests - Pricelist 

Consultation or BPPV Assess & Treat £200

Positioning & Repositioning  Manoeuvres

Vestibular Assessment  £550

Hearing Assessment 

Positioning/Repositioning Manoeuvres


VEMP (cervical and ocular)


Ocular-motor screening 


Neuro-Vestibular Assessment £850

Hearing Assessment

Positioning/Repositioning Manoeuvres


VEMP (cervical and ocular)


Oculomotor Testing 


If suspected Meniere's EcochG can be performed in addition = +£250

Please contact us directly for medico-legal pricing.

What Rehabilitation can you provide?

Our Rehabilitation Packages  are tailored and may include:

  • Traditional Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • Repositioning Maneuvers for BPPV 

  • Visual Vertigo Therapy 

  • Motion Sickness Therapy

  • Optokinetic Training

  • Music Therapy

  • Virtual Reality Therapy  

  • Lifestyle and Nurition Advice 

  • Cognitive Therapy

Paediatric Hearing  & Vestibular Assessments are also available at Hypatia Specialist Clinics.

Paediatric Behavioural Hearing Tests > 3 years old

Auditory Brainstem Response 



Auditory Processing Assessment 

Please contact us directly to discuss your child's needs. 

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