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Find out more about our Neuro-Vestibular Clinic at Ghosh Medical Group, Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9ED


Find out more about our new Hearing Healthcare Clinic at Ryders Chemist Formby, L37 3HJ

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Audiologists, Clinical Scientists, Physiopheripists, Hearing Therapists, GPs, ENTs, Audio-vestibular Physicians, STP, HTS, Neurologists and Neurotologists may find materials and workshops of interest here.



Amy Lennox-Bowley Audiologist and Vestibular Specialist in Liverpool and Formby, England

Hypatia Specialist Clinics and Hypatia Training was founded by Amy Lennox-Bowley who originally trained as an Audiologist in the U.K. were she practised in the NHS , she also had the opportunity to work and practice as an Audiologist in Australia.


Amy spent 6 years have been spent working with a global medical device manufacturer in which she was involved in training, delivering education , and working in research and development. Having trained over a 1000 professionals including Audiologists, Neurologists, ENTs, GPs, Physiotherapists, Clinical Scientists, AVPs and Associate Audiologists she is incredibly passionate about training. From that passion and drive Hypatia Training was created to ensure training is accessible to all who want it.

Why are you called Hypatia?

Hypatia is a historical figure who educated people at the Great Library of Alexandra, she was known for creating innovative ways of teaching including inventing gadgets and equipment to help students understand the content of her lessons. Our aim is to deliver training innovatively, understanding that everyone's learning needs are different and content should be tailored to the individual and, where possible, made fun to aid in the recall of information.

Hypatia is pleased to offer a Scroll (certificate) upon completing any workshops or on-site training courses. The scrolls are Bronze, Silver, and Gold to help those attending understand what is the best teaching level for them. Bronze is introductory and requires little to no background knowledge. Silver is advanced, requiring attendees to be comfortable with basic concepts. Gold is delivered at the Masterclass level, in which delegates would be expected to have strong foundation knowledge in the subject.

What is so unique about the clinics?

 Our clinics are equipped with the latest innovations in hearing and vestibular care. Our staff are highly trained, and we invest in their continuing education. Amy and Prof Dasgupta are key opinion leaders within Audio-Vestibular care. They are regularly invited speakers and guests at national and international conferences as well as supporting, mentoring and advising clinicians worldwide. 

What is so unique about the workshops?

Hypatia Workshops are designed for small groups, with no more than 10 people attending. Although there is some theory, the main focus is on the practical components of each subject. Due to the small teaching groups, we can tailor content to the delegates attending, giving a much more bespoke experience.


Workshops have been designed with patients in mind, hoping to give clinicians tools, ideas and resources to help achieve optimal patient experience and outcomes.


Detailed programmes and prices of all workshops can be found on our website.


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